About me

Hi there!

This is my personal website where I write about topics I find interesting, mostly maths, economics, coding and more. The page is focused on the content and therefore it is quite minimalistic without too many visuals.

My name is Magnus. I am a curious Mathematics-Economics student at Southern University of Denmark. I am passionate about mathematics, especially in disciplines such as investment, optimization, analysis, statistics and the use of data in the home.

I get excited when I am given the opportunity to use math and data to find connections and create insights that can make a difference. In my spare time I play with programming languages such as Python, R, F# and LaTeX.

About the website

This website is built on top of the lightweight Jekyll template Sidey. I have added @allejo’s “plugins” jekyll-toc and jekyll-anchor-headings.

I use MathJax to render \(\LaTeX\) and Mermaid to draw pretty diagrams.